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Established in 2018, VYZai is dedicated to shaping the machine vision industry with our patented Spatial Phase Imaging technology. Originally fueled by substantial support from the Department of Defense and collaborative efforts with U.S. government branches, VYZai stands proudly as the pioneer that not only develops but patents revolutionary breakthroughs.

As the forefront commercializer of Spatial Phase Imaging, VYZai's impact is evident in milestones such as 4D vehicle sensors and 6DOF motion tracking. While competitors are confined to conventional LiDAR and 2D imaging systems, VYZai breaks free from the norm.

Our proprietary technology, available at the same cost as 2D sensors, offers unparalleled advantages—unlimited range, significantly higher resolution, and user-friendly adoption. Built on existing technology, VYZai uniquely solves once-deemed unsolvable problems with an innovation: a single, affordable passive sensor detecting the direction cosine of each pixel.

This innovation isn't just about cutting-edge hardware; it signifies a new era of possibilities. VYZai transforms the landscape by empowering next-generation analytics. Delivering rich, data-driven insights, our technology provides precise X, Y, Z coordinates, captures high-definition images, offers detailed 3D shape information, and enables real-time object identification. Excelling in both day and low-light conditions, VYZai ensures seamless performance across diverse environments.

Embark on this exciting journey with us as we redefine the possibilities of technology. At VYZai, we don't just innovate; we lead the way into a future where possibilities are limitless, and challenges are met with groundbreaking solutions. We bring to market not just a product but a vision that transforms the technology landscape. Join us in seeing the future.

"We're not building the robot, we're building the vision system for it."

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